Gallery: Clergy or aliens?































Staff meeting?

Staff meeting?









Familiar headgear to keep alien mind- controlling rays at bay

Familiar looking headgear to keep alien mind- controlling rays at bay

3 thoughts on “Gallery: Clergy or aliens?

  1. Omigosh love the analogy between (us) clergy and aliens. I can here some of my brethren pontificating about how we are to be in this world and not of this world. Right. In silk and satin and brocade. I remember a nun (RC) turned married woman turned Episcopal priest who was so into wearing the collar I swore she had it stitched into her pajamas. To be fair, I had another friend who wore the vestments in the traditional spiritual manner (the vesting prayers etc), and that was lovely. Thank you for the marvelous photo gallery!

  2. Ordained a permanent deacon in 98, I was excited to wear a collar and vestments, but as time has passed and I’ve realized that my calling is to street ministry (I’ve organized something called Communion in the Park in Portland, OR, which meets outdoors every Sunday no matter the weather), I find the collar and the trappings of office irrelevant to me and just about everyone on the street. If I have to participate in an indoor worship, I’ll wear the outfit, but not gladly. Oddly, in terms of this post, it makes me an alien inside the church building.

  3. Ken – what a profound statement about alienation! You have spun the straw of this post into gold…and it seems you are doing the same in your work. May your work in Portland continue to be blessed. Thank you for being part of the evolving Church. Happy New Year!

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